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Transfer Superstars

Sample Pack | UV DTF (Direct to Film) Stickers

Sample Pack | UV DTF (Direct to Film) Stickers

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Limited-Time Offer: Grab our sample pack before we change the artwork

Experience Unmatched Quality & Vibrancy!

  • On-Demand Branding
  • Vibrant
  • Durable
  • Limit 1 Per Household
  • 3 Days Turnaround
  • 7-10 Days Shipping


  • Artwork on our social media is for display only, not for sale. We offer DTF printing services using customer-provided designs.
  • All sample pack sales are final. No returns or exchanges.
  • Only ships to contiguous United States + Hawaii + Alaska
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    About Transfer Superstars

    We are a custom printing service specializing in Direct-To-Film (DTF). We turn customer-submitted artwork into DTF transfers which can be pressed onto apparel to make printed graphic clothing or smooth surfaces. We encourage you to experience new boundaries in garment printing. Get hands-on: press, peel and feel the difference. Explore, practice & perfect the application process.

    Why Choose Our Direct-to-Film Heat Transfers?


    Ultra-High Quality

    Bold prints with fine details that are easy to apply.

    Colors That Pop


    Full spectrum digital prints for unlimited color combinations.


    Long-Lasting Durability

    Scratch & dishwasher resistant. Resistant to UV light, moisture. Also resists hot and cold temperature cycling.

    What's Inside the Sample Pack?

    • Easy-to-apply UV DTF Transfer Stickers with
    • Over 18 Designs, 1/2" to 2-1/2" Inches Wide & Alphabet Set 0.75" Inch Height
    • Detailed Guide On How To Apply UV DTF Transfers
    • Video Tutorial

    How To Apply DTF Heat Transfers

    Apply UV DTF stickers using a squeegee tool (as shown) or credit card

    1. Prepare surface by cleaning using paper towel and mild detergent (using rubbing alcohol is not recommend)
    2. Peel white backing
    3. Position onto smooth flat surface
    4. Squeegee with firm pressure over design 5 times
    5. Peel the clear transfer like a banana slowly
    6. Squeegee again with firm pressure to seal the edges of the design 5 times

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Long Does Shipping Take?

    Orders ship from Los Angeles. 1-3 to manufacture/produce dtf prints. 7-10 business days shipping time for sample packs.

    What Can I & What Can't I Put It On?

    UV DTF transfers can be applied to a wide variety of hard, smooth surfaces including:

    • Glass (tumblers, cups, windows, etc.)
    • Metals (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
    • Plastics (water bottles, phone cases, etc.)
    • Wood
    • Ceramics and porcelain
    • Leather
    • Paper and cardboard

    UV DTF transfers are not recommended for application directly onto fabrics or textiles. The ink and adhesive are formulated for hard surfaces.

    Can I Use My Own Artwork Files?

    Absolutely! That's what we do. Upload your own artwork file and make dtf heat transfers with Transfer Superstars through our order page at $5 square foot of film.

    How Can I Learn More About DTF?

    We have a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of direct-to-film printing. Visit