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DTF revolutionizes textile customization with its versatility and high-quality outputs. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, DTF printing allows for vibrant prints on diverse fabrics, enhancing product appeal and marketability. Embrace this scalable technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency, propelling your brand into the future of apparel and textile design.


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    When you've settled the tab, the clock starts ticking! We're looking at a window of 48 hours to whip up your DTF Transfers.

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  • Heat Press Checklist

    300Β°F/ 149Β°C

    Medium Press (video tutorial)

    Firm Pressure for about 7-10 secs

    Let it cool for 12 secs, then peel!

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Consistent color and durability over numerous washes.

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πŸ–οΈ Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use DTF Transfer

Photorealistic Designs

  1. DTF printing technology can reproduce fine details and gradients, allowing for photorealistic images and designs.
  2. This level of print quality ensures brand designs are reproduced accurately and make a bold visual impact.

Customization and Personalization

  1. DTF printers can quickly generate one-off prints for short runs or custom orders.
  2. Enables personalized branding elements like names, locations, slogans etc.
  3. Allows customization for specific campaigns, products or audiences.

Print on Diverse Materials and Surfaces

  1. DTF printing works on many materials like metal, plastic, wood, textiles etc.
  2. Opens up possibilities for applying branding across diverse mediums and surfaces.
  3. Allows branding elements on prototyped products and unique merchandising.

Quickly Iterate Branding Assets

  1. Fast print speeds enable rapid prototyping of branding designs.
  2. Can quickly test out variations of logos, slogans, color schemes etc.
  3. Accelerates branding design process and refinement.

Cost-Effective for Small Batch Printing

  1. DTF printing is economical for small print runs.
  2. Allows creating small batches of branded merchandise/collateral for events, launches, and custom print orders
  3. Enables easy iteration of branding for campaigns and initiatives.

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