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DTF Transfer


Photorealistic Designs

  1. DTF printing technology can reproduce fine details and gradients, allowing for photorealistic images and designs.
  2. This level of print quality ensures brand designs are reproduced accurately and make a bold visual impact.

Customization & Personalization

  1. DTF printers can quickly generate one-off prints for short runs or custom orders.
  2. Enables personalized branding elements like names, locations, slogans etc.
  3. Allows customization for specific campaigns, products or audiences.

Print on Diverse Materials and Surfaces

  1. DTF printing works on many materials like metal, plastic, wood, textiles etc.
  2. Opens up possibilities for applying branding across diverse mediums and surfaces.
  3. Allows branding elements on prototyped products and unique merchandising.

Hassle Free

  1. NO screens or art separation (same with DTG)
  2. NO steep learning curves, unlike DTG
  3. NO pretreatment process (eww, yuck)
  4. NO weeding
  5. FAST  turnaround and CONSISTENT quality
  6. Store the printed films and press on demand
  7. SCALE your business vertically with time and product offerings

Shipping & Returns

All orders ship out within 1-2 days (not including shipping timeframe). We have rush production and shipping available. Express shipping options using Rush Delivery 2 days and our Guaranteed Delivery option Fedex 1 Day available at checkout.

Refunds & Reprints

Contact us within 30 days of receiving your order to submit a request for a refund or reprint. We will reprint any order where there is a print quality or adherence issue. However, we will not issue a reprint if the uploaded file is low quality. If you'd like a refund or reprint for another reason, it must be approved by management first.

Email: support@transfersuperstars.com

  • Artwork Preparation

    To checkout a visual infographic on artwork preparation, click below.

    Learn More 
  • Budget Heat Press Solutions

    Discover more by watching our top-viewed tutorial:BEST Heat Press for DTF under $300!!. This video will guide you through selecting a budget heat press that stands toe-to-toe with pricier options in the market.

  • Continuous Support 24/7

    Chat with us live on our homepage — we're just a click away.

    Call us at (626) 988-8820 - speak directly with our friendly staff, no robots here!

    Email us - expect a swift response within 1 hour during business hours.

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