Why DTF Printing is a No-Brainer Addition for Print Shops

DTF Printing is a No-Brainer Addition for Print Shops

Running an apparel print shop means constantly balancing quality, cost, and turnaround times across different print technologies. Screen printing still reigns supreme for most medium to large orders, while DTG fills the small quantity niche. So where does DTF transfer printing fit in? Based on hands-on experience from print shop owners, DTF is a no-brainer addition for its scalability, quality, and profit potential.

Scalable Short Run Printing

One of the biggest challenges in apparel printing is profitably handling orders under 50 units. With DTF transfer printing, print shops can easily produce short runs right in-house without extensive setup. As Mike R., veteran screen print shop owner explains:

"I was wary of trying DTF at first since I've been screen printing for 20+ years. But being able to print short runs right in my shop has been a game changer. No more turning away small orders!"

DTF allows scaling up or down in real-time based on demand. Shops can test designs with no risk, then effortlessly shift to contract screen printing for larger rollouts. The ability to cost-effectively print 1-50 unit runs opens up new business opportunities.

Production Quality Prints

While the ink laydown is thicker compared to screen printing, DTF still produces professional quality prints. Modern DTF inks deliver vibrant colors and soft hand feel that meet customer expectations. Ryan P. switched from DTG to DTF for his ecommerce store after frustrations with print quality and maintenance.

"The DTF prints feel a bit plastic-y compared to DTG, but the colors are more vibrant and hold up better over time. My customers are happy with the quality."

For personalization and sampling use cases, DTF outperforms other options like vinyl. The stretchability and soft feel make it suitable for athletic wear as well.

Increased Profit Margins

With low startup costs and no wasted screens or ink, DTF unlocks new profits. Home-based designers like Sarah L. love being able to print wearable artwork on demand without outsourcing:

"I can print small batches of shirts with my artwork right at home with DTF. Once you dial in the process, it's really easy to make great looking prints."

Local print shops can also benefit from keeping small run orders in-house with DTF rather than outsourcing. Some contract screen printing shops even added DTF to profitably print single item orders. The numbers simply make sense.

For apparel print shops, DTF transfer printing ticks all the boxes as a scalable and profitable add-on service. As Todd G. from a contract screen printing firm puts it:

"We were hesitant to bring DTF printing in-house. But it's been great for those small 1-off print jobs that come in. We can print them quick on the DTF printer versus needing to burn screens."

The ability to cost-effectively handle short runs makes DTF a no-brainer profit driver. Contact us today to explore how DTF can transform your print shop.

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