What are Gang Sheets in Direct to Film DTF Printing?

What are Gang Sheets in Direct to Film DTF Printing?

Gang sheets are not what it sounds like. It's not a group of thugs hanging out in restrooms together reading music sheets.

In direct to film (DTF) printing, a gang sheet is a tool used to maximize the efficiency of the printing process. A gang sheet is a large film sheet that contains multiple images arranged together in a grid-like pattern. Think Tetris.

How is a Gang Sheet Used in Direct to Film (DTF) Printing?

By using a gang sheet, printers can optimize their film usage and reduce the amount of waste produced. Multiple images can be printed on a single film sheet, which can then be exposed onto a screen for printing onto various surfaces such as clothing, posters, or stickers.

Creating a Gang Sheet

Gang sheets are often created using software that arranges the images in a specific layout, maximizing the number of images that can fit on a single sheet while ensuring proper registration and alignment. We use Adobe Illustrator to create our 22" x 100" gang sheets and space each design out about 0.4" Inches (10mm).

The Benefits of Gang Sheets in Direct to Film (DTF) Printing

Overall, gang sheets are an important tool in the direct to film (DTF) printing process. They help to maximize efficiency and reduce waste while allowing for multiple images to be printed in one go. It's the eco-conscious and resourceful responsibility we have as printers. Using gang sheets can save time and labor costs, and they are an essential part of the printing process for many businesses that utilize direct to film (DTF) printing.

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