Jerzees Apparel Color Swatch — Hex & Pantone

Jerzees Apparel Color Swatch — Hex & Pantone
Name Hex Pantone
Aquatic Blue 42b4e6 298C
Ash d2d6d9 427C
Athletic Heather a8a8aa Cool Gray 6C
Azalea f27eb2 204C
Black 0 Pantone Black C
Black Heather 474747 7540C
Black Heather/Oxford 474747 / 8a8c8c 7540C/423C
Black Ink 111820 Pantone Black 6 C
Black Ink Heather 111820 Pantone Black 6 C
Black Ink Snow Heather 1d252c 433C
Black Ink/White 111820 / ffffff Pantone Black 6 C/White
Blush Pink dfbbb0 7611C
Bright Coral Snow Heather ff585e 805C
Brown Heather 5e4f47 2335C
Burnt Orange fe4812 172C
California Blue 0091b3 632C
Cardinal 7c2230 188C
Caribbean Blue Heather/Oxford 4ec3e0 / 8a8c8c 637C/423C
Caribbean Blue Snow Heather 4ec3e0 637C
Carolina Heather 7d9bc1 652C
Charcoal Grey 54565b Cool Gray 11C
Charcoal Snow Heather 5b6670 431C
Charcoal/Black Ink Snow Heather 5b6670 / 1d252c 431C/433C
Chocolate 5c4a3b 7519C
Classic Pink ebbecb 510C
Cloud Heather 9eb5cb 2155C
Columbia Blue 5e8ab4 646C
Cool Mint 6eceb2 338C
Crimson 892034 202C
Cyber Pink aa1054 215C
Deep Purple 2d1b46 2695C
Denim 3b5e75 5405C
Denim Heather 6f82a0 2373C
Denim Snow Heather 4d5f80 2374C
Digital Teal Heather 33647e 7699C
Fiery Red Heather cb333b 1797C
Fiery Red Heather/Oxford cb333b / 8a8c8c 1797C/423C
Forest Green 18453b 567C
Forest Green Heather 10312b 627C
Forest Green Snow Heather 10312b 627C
Frost Grey Heather 98a4ae 7543C
Gold ffb300 1235C
Golden Pecan b77729 7511C
Heather Mauve 9c6169 4995C
Indigo Heather 273248 2380C
Indigo Heather/Oxford 273248 / 8a8c8c 2380C/423C
Indigo Heather/White 273248 / ffffff 2380C/White
Irish Green Heather 00b373 2250C
Island Yellow fbdb6e 121C
J Navy 253355 533C
Jade 8579 327C
Kelly 007e3a 348C
Khaki a59d87 7536C
Kiwi 55be47 360C
Light Blue 8cb4e8 278C
Maroon 4e2029 504C
Maroon Heather 4e2029 504C
Maroon Snow Heather 5e2a2b 490C
Military Green 3a4c00 5747C
Military Green Heather 5d7261 5615C
Military Green Snow Heather 595b3c 7763C
Mint Heather/Oxford 6bcaba / 8a8c8c 570C/423C
Mint Snow Heather 6bcaba 570C
Mint To Be b5dbd2 566C
Mosaic Blue Heather 1.15E+69 5473C
Mustard Heather c89211 1245C
Navy Snow Heather 002b49 7463C
Neon Green a3d869 367C
Neon Pink ff1cac 806C
Neon Yellow e9e73f 394C
Oatmeal Fleck d6d2c4 7527C
Oatmeal Heather d1ccbd 7534C
Oatmeal Heather/Black Ink d1ccbd 7534C
Oatmeal Heather/Fiery Red Heather d1ccbd / cb333b 7534C/1797C
Oatmeal Heather/Forest Green Heather d1ccbd / 10312b 7534C/627C
Oatmeal Heather/Indigo Heather d1ccbd / 273248 7534C/2380C
Oatmeal Heather/Mustard Heather d1ccbd / c89211 7534C/1245C
Oatmeal Heather/White d1ccbd / ffffff 7534C/White
Oxford 8a8c8c 423C
Oxford/Black 8a8c8c / 000000 423C/Pantone Black C
Oxford/Deep Purple 8a8c8c / 2d1b46 423C/2695C
Oxford/Fiery Red Heather 8a8c8c / cb333b 423C/1797C
Oxford/Forest Green 8a8c8c / 18453b 423C/567C
Oxford/Indigo Heather 8a8c8c / 273248 423C/2380C
Oxford/Irish Green Heather 8a8c8c / 00b373 423C/2250C
Oxford/J. Navy 8a8c8c / 253355 423C/533C
Oxford/Mint Heather 8a8c8c / 6bcaba 423C/570C
Oxford/Royal 8a8c8c / 1d4f91 423C/7686C
Oxford/True Blue Heather 8a8c8c / 1d4f91 423C/7686C
Oxford/True Red 8a8c8c / a7192d 423C/187C
Oxford/White 8a8c8c / ffffff 423C/White
Peach ffa489 1625C
Periwinkle Blue 5f6db2 7456C
Pink Snow Heather cc5599 674C
Purple Iris 9eade5 2716C
Purple Snow Heather 502d7f 669C
Putty c5b9ac 7528C
Raspberry Heather b55c80 7432C
Red Snow Heather a7192d 1807C
Retro Heather Coral ff585e 805C
Retro Heather Royal 385e9d 7684C
Rock 898a8d Cool Grey 8C
Royal 1d4f91 7686C
Safari 948771 7531C
Safety Green e8ff6b 379C
Safety Orange ff6c3b 1645C
Sage 94b7bb 5503C
Sandstone ff6c3b 4755C
Scuba Blue 47c7c7 325C
Silver d4d4e0 5315C
Simply Aqua Heather 84dade 318C
Stealth 54565b Cool Gray 11C
Sunset Coral d9514e 2348C
Sweet Cream Heather f3ece6 468C
Sweet Cream Heather/Blush Pink f3ece6 / dfbbb0 468C/7611C
Sweet Cream Heather/Heather Mauve f3ece6 / 9c6169 468C/4995C
Sweet Cream Heather/Indigo Heather f3ece6 / 273248 468C/2380C
Sweet Cream Heather/Military Green Heather f3ece6 / 5d7261 468C/5615C
Taupe Heather 8c827a Warm Gray 8C
Tennessee Orange ff7900 151C
Texas Orange a55121 1605C
True Blue Heather 1d4f91 7686C
True Blue Heather/Oxford 1d4f91 / 8a8c8c 7686C/423C
True Red a7192d 187C
Vintage Heather Blue 2a568f 653C
Vintage Heather Maroon 6e2639 505C
Vintage Heather Navy 214232 533C
Vintage Heather Orange ea6852 7416C
Vintage Heather Red 944b59 7419C
White ffffff White
White Heather/Black Heather d2d6d9 / 474747 427C/7540C
White/Black Ink ffffff / 111820 White/Pantone Black 6C
White/Charcoal Heather ffffff / 54565b White/Cool Gray 11C
White/J. Navy ffffff / 253355 White/533C
White/Royal ffffff / 1d4f91 White/7686C
White/Scuba Blue ffffff / 47c7c7 White/325C
White/True Red ffffff / a7192d White/187C

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