Bella Canvas Apparel Color Swatch — Hex & Pantone

Bella Canvas Apparel Color Swatch — Hex & Pantone
Name Hex Pantone
Aqua 4298b5 7459C
Aqua Triblend 009ec4 639 U
Army 55574c 418Cp
Ash edf1ff 11-4001 Tcx
Asphalt 6c6864 Black 7 U
Asphalt Slub 54585a 425C
Athletic Grey Triblend 898d8d 423C
Athletic Heather acb1a6 Cool Grey 5 Up
Atlantic 113b40 2217Cp
Autumn 9c5331 18-1246 Tcx
Baby Blue 83b0c1 2205 Up
Berry c3167c 233Cp
Berry Triblend ac145a 215C
Black 211e16 Black C
Black Heather 454038 Black 7Cp
Black Marble 2a2829 19-4008 Tcx
Black Mineral Wash 25282a 426C
Black Slub 111c24 Black 6C
Black Speckled 2d2926 Black C
Blue Marble 70a7d0 542Cp
Blue Triblend 6e8ec0 7682Cp
Brick 973a36 18-1547 Tcx
Brown 5e514d 411C
Brown Triblend 5e514d 411C
Bubble Gum f8a3bc 189C
Burnt Orange cb6015 159C
Canvas Red 9d2235 201C
Cardinal 9b2743 194C
Carolina Blue 8baad4 7453Cp
Cement d2cfc4 13-4403 Tcx
Charcoal Black Triblend 3d3935 Black 7Cp
Charcoal Marble 434343 19-0201 Tcx
Charity Pink df6797 212Cp
Chestnut 8a4b32 7581Cp
Citron dde3d5 11-0304 Tcx
Clay a26859 7593 U
Clay Triblend 7d2b27 181C
Columbia Blue 5571a4 2387 Up
Cool Blue 01426a 7694C
Cool Grey c4bcb7 406C
Coral f87c56 2024 U
Currant ab3475 18-2328 Tcx
Dark Grey 38484e 432Cp
Dark Grey Heather 525657 7540Cp
Dark Lavender 9b91be 2100Cp
Dark Olive 36362d 19-0509 Tcx
Deep Heather 75726f 2333Cp
Deep Heather Speckled 6a6865 18-5203 Tpx
Deep Teal 00597a 3025Cp
Denim 4b808c 2223 Up
Dust cdc6bd 13-0000 Tcx
Dusty Blue 9bb2a2 5575Cp
Electric Blue 006eb3 3553C
Emerald 13322b 627C
Emerald Triblend 173f35 567C
Espresso 392d2b 19-1106 Tcx
Evergreen 115740 343C
Forest 183028 5535C
French Vanilla f1e19b 7402Cp
Fuchsia db0a5b 2040C
Gold ffa300 137C
Granite 8d9081 7539Cp
Grass Green 427c66 3425 Up
Green 60b066 2420Cp
Green Triblend 60b066 2420Cp
Grey 323331 416Cp
Grey Acid Fleece 25282a 426C
Grey Acid Wash 25282a 426C
Grey Triblend 7b7d72 416Cp
Heather Aqua 48a9c5 7702C
Heather Autumn a66646 17-1147 Tcx
Heather Baby Blue 83b0c1 2205 Up
Heather Blue 8e9fbc 535C
Heather Blue Lagoon 86a1a9 16-4411 Tcx
Heather Brown 5e4b3c 7519C
Heather Bubble Gum f8a3bc 189C
Heather Canvas Red bf0d3e 193C
Heather Cardinal 651d32 7421C
Heather Carolina Blue 8baad4 7453Cp
Heather Charity Pink e16f8f 1915Cp
Heather Clay a26859 7593 U
Heather Columbia Blue 658bcc 660 U
Heather Deep Teal 34657f 7699C
Heather Dust cdc6bd 13-0000 Tcx
Heather Dusty Blue 9bb2a2 5575Cp
Heather Emerald 13322b 627C
Heather Forest 48655b 343 U
Heather French Vanilla f1e19b 7402Cp
Heather Gold ffa300 137C
Heather Grass Green 427c66 3425 Up
Heather Green 79863c 7491C
Heather Ice Blue c4e1de 317Cp
Heather Kelly 00965e 340C
Heather Lapis 5c619d 18-3944 Tcx
Heather Magenta 944e87 18-3025 Tcx
Heather Marmalade ffa010 14-1159 Tcx
Heather Maroon 5b2b42 7644Cp
Heather Mauve a36d6a 7524 U
Heather Midnight Navy 313546 2380Cp
Heather Military Green 6c6e60 7764 U
Heather Mint a8d5ba 2246C
Heather Mustard c6973f 15-0948 Tcx
Heather Natural e9dbb3 7500Cp
Heather Navy 3b4559 2379C
Heather Oatmeal d1ccbd 7534C
Heather Olive 7f7457 7497Cp
Heather Orange ff6a39 1645C
Heather Orchid b0879b 16-2107 Tcx
Heather Peach f3be8d 2016 Up
Heather Pink f7ced7 706C
Heather Pink Gravel c5aa9c 4735Cp
Heather Prism Blue a5b3cc 15-3915 Tcx
Heather Prism Dusty Blue 9bb2a2 5575C
Heather Prism Ice Blue bad1be 559 Up
Heather Prism Lilac c7a1b2 2052Cp
Heather Prism Mint a0dab3 344C
Heather Prism Natural d2cfc4 13-4403 Tcx
Heather Prism Peach eabeb0 7520C
Heather Prism Sunset ec9865 2025 Up
Heather Purple 836995 2082 U
Heather Red bf0d3e 193C
Heather Sage 95a69f 16-5304 Tcx
Heather Sand Dune bfa387 15-1213 Tcx
Heather Sea Green 00bab3 2398C
Heather Slate 586975 2168 U
Heather Soft Cream decb99 468Cp
Heather Sunset ea936d 2024 Up
Heather Tan b8b298 2323Cp
Heather Tan bfba9b 2323Cp
Heather Team Purple 7d55c7 2665C
Heather True Royal 24509a 286Cp
Heather Yellow fcea76 100Cp
Heather Yellow Gold fdd26e 134C
Ice Blue c4e1de 317Cp
Kelly 007a53 341C
Lapis 5c619d 18-3944 Tcx
Lavender Blue 6b80a2 7667Cp
Lavender Dust e1d7d8 5245Cp
Leaf 659256 2263Cp
Light Blue a6bbc8 5435C
Lilac d1acce 15-3412 Tcx
Maize Yellow f6d03a 7548Cp
Marine 007fa3 633Cp
Maroon 672e45 7643C
Maroon Marble 6a2c3e 7428C
Maroon Triblend 835362 209 U
Mauve a36d6a 7524 U
Midnight 1f2a44 533C
Midnight Navy 313546 2380Cp
Military Green 60705e 2410C
Mint a0dab3 344C
Mustard c6973f 15-0948 Tcx
Natural dfd1a7 7500Cp
Navy 1f2a44 533C
Navy Marble 1b365d 534C
Navy Speckled 1c1f2a 532 Pc
Navy Triblend 3e4b65 289 U
Neon Blue 008bcc Process BlueCp
Neon Green 44d62c 802C
Neon Orange ff671f 165C
Neon Orange ff671f 165C
Neon Pink ff85bd 926C
Neon Yellow ecf166 923C
Oatmeal d1ccbd 7534C
Oatmeal Triblend beae9a 15-1308 Tcx
Ocean Blue 62a8c1 7458 Up
Olive 414823 5747Cp
Orange ff6a39 1645C
Orange Triblend ff8d6d 1635C
Orchid a5929d 16-3304 Tcx
Oxblood Black 3f2537 7449Cp
Peach f3be8d 2016 Up
Pebble 857874 409C
Pebble Brown 857874 409C
Pine 425e5a 4188Cp
Pink f7ced7 706C
Pink Gravel c5aa9c 4735Cp
Plum 4a3041 5185C
Poppy e10600 2347C
Purple 836995 2082 U
Purple Triblend 614b79 668C
Red e10600 2347C
Red Acid Wash bf0d3e 193C
Red Marble c0143c 193C
Red Speckled 9d2235 201C
Royal Purple 6a4593 266Cp
Rust 9e483f 2350 U
Sage 97a798 5635Cp
Sand Dune c39d88 15-1317 Tcx
Sea Green 00bab3 2398C
Seafoam Blue a1d3d3 318Cp
Silver c7c9c7 420C
Slate 586975 2168 Up
Soft Cream decb99 468Cp
Soft Pink eed9d4 7604 Up
Solid Asphalt Blend 6c6864 Black 7 U
Solid Athletic Grey babcc0 14-4105 Tcx
Solid Black Triblend 2d2926 Black C
Solid Navy Blend 1f2a44 533C
Solid Red Blend ba0c2f 200C
Solid True Royal Blend 3b61a6 7684Cp
Solid White Triblend f4f5f0 WhiteC
Spring Green dee29f 2295Cp
Steel Blue 5f849c 5415Cp
Stone 837a58 2327 Up
Strobe e7e36d 386Cp
Sunset e68e5e 2024Cp
Synthetic Green 2bae66 16-6240 Tcx
Tan afa17c 2324Cp
Teal 00bfb3 3262C
Teal Triblend 7377 322C
Team Navy 2b3e85 2747Cp
Team Purple 2e1a47 2695C
Terracotta b46a55 7522Cp
Toast 9e6a38 7574C
True Royal 3b61a6 7684Cp
True Royal Acid Wash 1d4f91 7686C
True Royal Marble 1b5196 293Cp
True Royal Triblend 24509a 286Cp
Turquoise 00afd7 638C
Vintage Black 212322 419C
Vintage Navy 455d6b 303 Up
Vintage White dfddd7 12-4302 Tcx
White f4f5f0 WhiteC
White Fleck Triblend d9d9d6 Cool Grey 1Cp
White Marble c8c9c7 Cool Grey 3C
White Slub f1f2f1 WhiteC
Yellow fcea76 100Cp
Yellow Gold f6d03a 7548Cp

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